Alternate title for The Great Gatsby:

I Am Uncomfortable With Your Personal Drama And I Want To Go Home: The Nick Caraway Story

Anyone want to buy a longboard? Lol.

Anonymous: why are you selling your videos games to pay for your boyfriends car, its his expense not yours..

Lol no, I don’t even have an original nintendo console. And he didn’t ask me to, I just like helping. I don’t see anything wrong with that. I still have my n64 and and gamecube.

which legend of zelda? :O

The original for the nintendo. (:

Anonymous: What Nintendo games are you selling if you don't mind me asking!

I have a few really nice, popular ones and then a bunch of random ones. 

-Super Mario Bros 2
-Super Mario Bros 3 (2)
-Donkey Kong Classics
-Super Mario Bros/ Duck Hunt
-Super Mario Bros/ World Class Track Meet/ Duck Hunt
-Megaman 2
-Megaman 3
-Megaman 6 (2)
-The Legend of Zelda

-Casino Kid
-Vegas Dream
-Yoshi’s Cookie
-Milon’s Secret Castle
-Gauntlet II